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Wissenschaft3000 ~ science3000

Gangstalkers Record Brain Frequencies for Torture with Electronic and Acoustic Weapons


New “Neural Dust” sensor could be implanted in the body


MILLION A WEEK CLUB in the US – 2017 Final Rad Count


Uri Avnery – Why I am Angry


Michael Wolf’s Fire and Fury inexorably supports Israelgate


Karen Hudes Text 1


The GoldFish Report No. 175- WEEK 50 POTUS Review w/ Dr. Jim Fetzer: POTUS MAGA PILL


The GoldFish Report No. 177- Country Roads w/ Winston Shrout: QANON Update and EMPOWERING THE PEOPLE


Q-Tube Update: Zach of Q-Anon Speaks with Alex Jones Live Jan 5—Interesting Twists


Q-Tube Part II: #STORM #QANON’S Zach Implicates “P_nce-Fence” in Pedogate, Zuma SpaceX Payload to NK


Late Headlines for January 6, 2018 [videos]


1.5 – STORM SURGE – Planes/Arrests/Clinton/Sessions/Fusion GPS/Comey & More!


Part II: #STORM #QANON’S Zach Implicates „P_nce-Fence“ in Pedogate, Zuma…

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