How To “Hack” Your Brain And Get High Without Using Drugs

Nwo Report

Amando Flavi

When people get high, the common assumption we make is that they have taken psychedelics. But according to a brain expert, this assumption would be rendered obsolete soon as there is a new scientific way to alter the human consciousness without using drugs.

Heather Hargraves, an expert in therapeutic applications of altered states of consciousness at the University of Western Ontario in Canada, told IFLScience that a supercomputer is a model of the human brain, and just as the computer can be manipulated to perform certain tasks, so can the brain.

Other experts already agree that the experience known as “reality” is actually just a trick that our brains play on us. The brain is carefully filtering the sensory information that the world presents to us in order to generate a workable perspective on things.

Therefore, the parameters of the human consciousness can be modified by just…

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