A five-year-old girl was told to pay up for her lemonade stand. Now the city is apologizing.

Nwo Report

The city of Porterville, California is now apologizing to a five-year-old girl after her family received a letter saying she needs a business license.

Last June, five-year-old Autumn wanted to buy herself a bike so she did what any entrepreneurial kid would do. She put up a lemonade stand.

Autumn’s mother Gabby Dehaas told our affiliate KMPH that she helped her daughter spread the word by posting about it on social media.

“It meant so much to know she earned her own money that mom and dad didn’t need to go buy her. She got to bring her own wallet and buy it herself and pay at the cash register,“ DeHaas said.

By the end of the day, Autumn had raised more than enough money for her bike.

Autumn was in the lemonade business for less than 24 hours, but for some members of the community, that was enough to…

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